A Year in Review

2017: We couldn't have done it without you. 

It was a turbulent year. We fought four refugee bans, constantly-changing policy and newly emboldened anti-immigrant sentiment. Conversations about fear circled our classrooms and appointment rooms. Luckily, you —our community partners—have been here through it all. With winter coats and potluck lunches, letters of welcome and generous donations, you have made your support tangible. Your message is stronger than ever: Minnesota welcomes New Americans.



OUr iMPact

The International Institute served 4319 New Americans from 98 countries this year. See how the numbers break down.

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Our Supporters

Donors, volunteers and board members moved our mission forward: mentoring new arrivals, supporting programs, and more.

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 We aim to be as transparent as possible in showing you how our supporters advance the Institute's mission. 

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Letter from OUr director

Some people have asked whether we’re concerned about our future. We answer with a resounding “no.”

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career pathways

Building new lives & a strong workforce 


Many New Americans who come to the Institute aren't just looking for their first job: they're looking to build a fulfilling career that provides for their family. We meet people where they are, and accompany them to reach for their goals. We offer career pathway programs in the medical and hospitality fields. In FY 2017:



Nursing assistants hired after completing training



$54,200 in scholarships awarded to Medical Careers Advancement students


Graduates of housekeeping and supervisor classes employed


Housekeeping students were unemployed at program start

College readiness academy

Paving the road to college graduation


Through class time and individualized navigation, College Readiness Academy helps college-bound adults bypass developmental education and build the skills needed for the rigors of college. This year, the program continued to grow, and the Institute began talking about how our College Readiness Academy could be used as a model for larger-scale programming across the country. 



 Developmental education classes bypassed


Students currently enrolled in college


Tuition dollars saved by students


English Language Classes

Using language to make Minnesota home


The Institute's English classes teach everything from simple greetings to complex essay writing. Some people  study to communicate more clearly in their workplace, others to prepare for college. For everyone, the classes offer a sense of community. Students form friendships, go on field trips to experience the museums and attractions of Minnesota, and share lunches with the wider community: all while building the language skills needed to make a life in the U.S. 




Hours of classes



New American Potlucks with community members


Field trips around the Twin Cities



immigration Services

Removing obstacles and minimizing barriers


The Institute's immigration services help New Americans navigate the complex U.S. immigration system with low-cost appointments. With the wait list for Citizenship longer than ever, these services are growing and in-demand.



Citizenship applications filed


Refugees and asylees assisted with green cards


Citizenship class attendees


DACA applications submitted or renewed


refugee services

Building new lives & advocating in the face of crisis


Despite Muslim Bans and drastic changes to policy, the Institute resettled 348 refugees to a new life in Minnesota this year. More than ever, it became necessary to educate the public and advocate for our clients about the greatest refugee crisis our world has faced since World War II. We reached out for help, and you responded in full force. Your support for refugees this year proved to us that Minnesota will remain a welcoming home to those fleeing persecution and violence. 



Refugees resettled


Secondary arrivals served



Trafficking victims served



Unaccompanied minors assisted



Women attended One Community Health Workshops


Clients employed with help from employment coaches


Festival of Nations

Showcasing the importance of Minnesota's ethnic organizations.

The 2017 Festival of Nations continued the tradition of bringing together cultural and ethnic organizations in a celebration of their traditions and sense of identity. 



Over 50,000 people attended the Festival


Cultural and Ethnic organizations participated


Over 1000 volunteers made the celebration possible